By focusing on areas where our consultants have prior work experience or particular skills, we are able to specialise in various disciplines. This helps in the process of building relevant market knowledge – we provide our clients with timely and accurate advice on matters of interest to them. As a result, consultants filter out confusing or irrelevant details during the recruitment process, concentrating on finishing the job to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Opus’s clients are represented in most business and industry sectors and range from the world’s leading organisations to major regional companies to new business ventures. Wherever there is a need for top quality human resources, we are able to apply our expertise, drawing where necessary on the collective resources of our international partner firms and specialist knowledge in almost any industry.

Our association with the Horton International network allows us to increase our regional and global reach, as and when a client requires.

Our professional fees are typically a percentage of the first year’s guaranteed cash income. We offer our clients the option to fix our fee at a pre-agreed amount based on the above fee calculation methodology. This has the added benefit of aligning our interests entirely with our clients – we see our role as assisting clients to recruit the best quality candidate.

If you would like us to contact you, or you wish to hear more of Opus’s services, please send a message to Gary Woollacott, Chief Executive Officer. We pride ourselves on being client-focussed, so you will hear from us within one business day.

If your need is urgent, please call +66 2 636 2323 for an immediate response.